Livin’ la Vida Loca

I made it! Okay, I made it three weeks ago but I’ve finally made it on here too so here’s my new home for all of you.img_5960

There are 21 of us from SB. I live with 7 other girls in an outdated but pretty big apartment in Chamberi about 5 minutes walking distance from my school. Our school has asked us how often we throw parties because they’ve received noise complaints. The answer is none. They just put 8 girls in one apartment with VERY thin walls haha.


Not a huge fan of the green..or the plaid. But a big fan of our patio!

Every other Wednesday we spend the afternoon in a museum rather than class which is definitely working for me.

And I’m in love with Retiro Park.

Madrid is definitely a lot more city like than I had expected but it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve eaten my body weight in ham already along with more cheese, bread, and wine than I’ve probably consumed in the last year.



I gotta admit, the night life has been pretty fun too.



***if anyone feels like sending me a care package, I hear there is peanut butter around here somewhere but I have yet to find it 😉


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  1. Vicki Fogleman says:

    Annie….looks like you’re having a great time
    ..enjoy what you’ve done..Vicki

    Liked by 1 person

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